Saturday, December 18, 2010

friends are like potatoes. when you eat them, they die.

leaving for dublin tomorrow! dear God please bless our journey and give me the motivation to study while on holiday. Ameen. packing must be the most frustrating task ever. how do you pack two weeks worth of crap in a suitcase. howwww.

anyways. im so bored. my laptop's keyboard is slowly deteriorating. a few weeks ago the scrolly thingy wouldnt cooperate. now the left arrow is stuck. and my asterisk is non-existent. the last one is especially a problem, since it's such a a pain in the ass when you need to correct a typo. i'd have to explain that it was a typo, and then proceed to correct the typo. i think if i were with a group of people, stuck in a forest in the middle of nowhere, i'd probably be the first to die, because i'm just too lazy to put in the effort to save myself. har har har

i wish i wasn't so lazy. i also wish i was funnier. scratch that, i wish everyone else had my sense of humour. then i wouldn't have to explain myself for laughing when everyone isn't, i'm too lazy to explain everything to everyone. but yeah, i wish i knew how to tell jokes. i'm crap at telling jokes to people. well, i'm crap at talking to people, but jokes are always a good ice-breaker. or not. it would be rather weird if a stranger came up to you and started telling a knock, knock joke to you.

so bored. the nights are soooooo long. somedays i don't even get to see the sun. partly because england's always so gloomy, but also because i wake up really late nowadays. when i'm bored i tend to crave food, for a lack of anything better to do. i don't think i've sweated at all since i came here. my mum used to be a sprinter. i bet she's disappointed with how my sister and i turned out, we're such couch potatoes.

i think studying medicine makes you lose your competency to write a decent composition. intro, body, closing paragraph are meaningless now.

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