Wednesday, February 23, 2011

untitled #3

are these the adverse effects of sleeping late? they aren't adverse per se, so i guess i could classify sleeping late as catalysts. i've had this feeling for days now, just bubbling under the surface, but not quite crossing that undefined threshold. my hands have itched to write, to draw, to take photographs and turn them into videos; to create an extension of myself. usually the need would simply quieten under the suppressing nature of slumber but alas, this is not one of those nights. perhaps i just needed some sort of validation, that i am more than the physiological nomenclature, and anatomical terms that i (try to) learn. that i am more than the mind-numbing routine of sitting in lectures amongst the masses, and sitting in the library in between lectures. validation that i, simply, am.

(and isn't that the most selfish thing you've ever heard?)


Diana. Z said...


Definitely not. Its understandable. :P
Sarah, those creative things are what makes u, U.

Of course, being a med student is... well, bla2... but
i know you as a creative, photographic, quirky-quiet person... and that is amazing.

Don't change urself. Get off the steam once in a while.
Miss you babe.

sarah said...

hello. you are the rock, you are the anchor. you are what grounds me whenever i float away too far. i miss you.

Zul Ismail said...

that's the life of a medical student and I get what you're going through. Sometimes mixing both artistic pleasures and studying needs are so hard to do and putting in the term 'moderation' does not necessarily(and usually it doesn't) work.

Been there, done that but what Di is saying is true. Try to get some steam off and don't change yourself - you're awesome as you are :)

By the way, this is Zalikha from high school! New blog and such so I was just dropping by, haha. Hope everything is going alright on your end :D

petite girl said...

i just realised that you've a blog Sarah! hey good post!

echa said...

awwhhhh..saraaaahhhh.. then why dont u just do it? i think its validation enough that u actually have all those desires. still having interest. unlike moi, who hs to force me to even do smthng thts supposedly interesting.

nothing substantial said...

"perhaps i just needed some sort of validation, that i am more than the physiological nomenclature, and anatomical terms that i (try to) learn."

a nomenclature does not animate. hence ur need to be more of these things is absolutely unwarranted. it's like saying

"i want to be more than an amoeba"

when it's obvious that u are. lol a trivial validation. perhaps u should be more creative in your effort to achieve existentialism through comparison.

forgive me for being verbose. im in need of validating the fact that i'm more than just a passing observer. :P