Friday, February 11, 2011

you are the best part of all the songs i love

today is the 11th of february, and Shahirah Alyssa turns 16! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SISTER. i remember how mature and invicible i felt at sixteen, but rest assured that no matter how much older you get, you'll never surpass my level of awesomeness. if you're reading this, (either on this date or at a later date), know that i love you. also, stop being lazy and send me that damn e-mail already! muah muah. so i was looking at some of the pictures we took on my webcam and i think the pictures can be divided into three categories:-
1) us being cute
2) me being cute, you being all jkldsajlkads
3) you choking me

aah good times.

ok i think the fatigue has finally caught up with me. how long can a person last without sleep? theres so many things i need to do, but i just don't have the motivation to do them. i've been such a slacker lately, my groupmates have all these colourful diagrams of the heart and the nerves and whatevernot and all i have are some scribbles in pencils in the sidelines of my books. bah, humbug!

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nothing substantial said...

try reading up on polyphasic sleep. might be an eye opener for a kid like u. lol.